Ubuhle SA Burial Society is a 100% black owned burial society established in 2016 by competent previously disadvantaged individuals with an average industrial experience of over 1 year.




The company mission is to render effective and qualitative professional services to the clients at all times regardless of social standing, race, disability or gender.




Our company is committed to ensuring success by; investing in staff, maintaining profitability, recognising socio-economic empowerment of people,being a top provider of safety quality, cost effective and reliable qualitative professional services to the benefit of all clients and stakeholders


Company principles


  • to respect all clients
  • to respect all weekly safety and special meetings
  • to respect all rules, regulations, law and order of the company
  • to respect the the company, property, company standards and procedures
  • to respect each other as human beings regardless of gender or race


Company services


  • funeral decor 
  • managing funerals
  • catering equipment and services
  • maintenance and facility management 
  • collecting monthly premiums from members